Who Are We

Team Outsource, LLC was founded in October 2004 with two purposes in mind. To assist businesses with their projects, workload  and administrative tasks so they can concentrate on running and growing their business, and to provide individuals/entrepreneurs the administrative assistance they need in order to free up their valuable time.

Our customers are our first priority and we pride ourselves in providing reliable, friendly and courteous customer service, quality work at competitive rates along with a high level of confidentiality and trust.  Come to our Team and let us handle, complete and deliver your tasks, on-demand.

At Team Outsource we:

  • STRIVE to generate superior-quality work which exceeds exceptionally high standards.
  • FOCUS on displaying a superlative professional image for you and/or your business.
  • PRIDE ourselves in providing friendly and courteous customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with added time by undertaking their projects, workload and administrative tasks. We work in teams which allows us to brainstorm, provide high-quality work at competitive rates while maintaining a great level of customer service.  Collaborating with our customers allows us to provide you with the solutions you need.

   Our Team      

 Team Outsource is owned by Vivian and Alan Edisis and is operated by a talented team of individuals that take pride in the work they deliver to you.
We are dedicated and pride ourselves in providing you with a high level of service, while maintaining a personal touch.      

Our professional and diverse team encompasses a wealth of knowledge, experience and computer expertise. The TEAM consists of executive level administrators, educators, information technology experts and a sales and marketing group. We are dedicated, committed and believe in collaborating with you to provide a quality product, while simultaneously gaining your trust and your loyalty. 

When partnering with Team Outsource you will receive:

  • Our Team’s strength in handling, completing and delivering your high priority assignments, projects and or tasks in a timely manner;
  • Our Team’s proven solutions to your challenging business or personal needs; and
  • Our Team’s ability to handle highly sensitive materials effectively and confidentially. 

Let US Become Part of Your Team!

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